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In recent years the nosology of Dry Eye has greatly changed. Professor Baudouin, MD, PhD from National Ophthalmologiy Hospital XV-XX, Vision Institute of Paris explains through this didactic video the complexity of the Dry Eye disease. Moving beyond the simple name of Dry Eye syndrome, we now consider the condition to be Dry Eye disease, insisting on the lack of tears, the lacrimal inflammation and hyperevaporation leading to self-sustaining loops of neurogenic and palpebral inflammations.

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Smoothing to optimise visual outcomes

LASERVIS® is a viscous masking and wetting solution for use during laser surgery and other surgical procedures.
LASERVIS® contains 0.25% hyaluronic acid whose physical characteristics confer important viscoelastic properties to the product and enables it to be used as a viscous masking agent during laser surgery and as a wetting solution in other surgical procedures.

LASERVIS® is available as 5 single dose units each containing 2 ml of solution.

LASERVIS® is strongly recommended by Ziemer Group AG for use as a masking and wetting solution during surgical procedures with its compact, mobile femtosecond surgical laser FEMTO LDV, for a perfect outcome.


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